Nich Smith Lighting Design (NSLD) is an independent lighting design studio in Glasgow, Scotland. Led by Design Director Nich Smith, NSLD has evolved from lighting works based predominantly in arts and entertainment to a fully-fledged lighting design studio working across architecture, arts, landscape, urbanism, culture, heritage, and design. NSLD has received notable awards including a UK Lighting Design Award, and two Scottish Design Awards.

Nich Smith is the author of the lighting section of the Glasgow Public Realm Design And Maintenance Guide.

Nich has over 30 years’ experience in lighting, having worked freelance until formally establishing NSLD in 2014. This has allowed NSLD to recruit like-minded creative designers and mentor post-graduate lighting design students at our busy studio. NSLD are committed to advancing lighting knowledge globally, and frequently host interns from Politecnico de Milano Masters in Lighting Design and LED Technology.

NSLD is firmly grounded in performance and entertainment lighting and we are unusual in that our work regularly returns to these sectors both locally and internationally. The NSLD arts heritage and continued involvement in that type of work is unique in Scottish lighting design studios.

Our practise is constantly evolving to engage with new technologies and techniques and is firmly based in using light as a material to enhance, support, delight, and express. Nich has developed design theory based on lighting as a collaborative artistic medium which demands real-world experimentation and digital exploration in equal measure. NSLD designs are creative yet practical, sustainable, and maintainable. Above all else, they look fabulous!