A garden can be described as a collection of plants and structures, cultivated and arranged to create a pleasing environment. Our light work is inspired by natural forms and – as with a garden – is an ensemble collection which when taken as a whole is unified and both playful and captivating. There are interactive elements in the lighting design, which directly engage the public.

Night-time presents lighting designers with the opportunity to re-interpret the daytime scene with carefully considered lighting schemes. The natural daylight view of a garden lit from a cool uniform sky, or by warm direct sunlight and animated by weather systems and skyline features, cannot be artificially surpassed.

This lighting design intentionally avoids general overhead lighting, immediately setting it apart from the daytime view. The lighting design adopts a focus and visual language based on the urban forms and features present in the gardens and in the wider city, and at times mimics forms found in the natural plant landscapes of the gardens and beyond. Stylized lighting from various sources imbue the gardens a gentle glow, and a range of lighting techniques bring to mind natural forms through artificial means.

Perimeter buildings which surround the Rottenrow Gardens are treated as a natural landscape with complementary lighting.