Kathryn Joseph: FROM WHEN I WAKE

Client: Cryptic//Kathryn Joseph

Services: Lighting Design, prototyping
Overview: Critically acclaimed, poignant staging of award-winning singer, Kathryn Joseph’s second album From When I Wake the Want Is.
Completed: 2019

Kathryn Joseph plays From When I Wake the Want Is from start to finish in an unusual live staging of a complete album. Part theatre, part gig, part poetic journey, following the song list faithfully allows the true emotional and musical impact of the album to seep into the consciousness of the audience.

The creative team add movement and variation to the intimate staging using mirrors and light, changing emphasis and sensitively enhancing the performance with a flowing stream of dreamlike images. The staging and lighting are technically agile, allowing the show to tour to a range of venue types with a small set up time while keeping consistent production values. DMX controlled light sculptures are used as the main source of light, with simple colour washes providing base lighting states and one overhead moving light adding special effects.

“There is no one else like Joseph in the contemporary music scene. She is a unique artist whose music continues to cast spells, even to the uninitiated. Tonight, hearts are broken and stolen in equal measure”
The List

“James Johnson’s staging, Nich Smith’s lighting, Josh Armstrong’s direction and Markéta
Kratochvílová’s costume design perfectly complements Joseph’s album.”
The Skinny

“A stunning exercise in stage design and lighting from James Johnson and Nich Smith.”
The Stage


Written and performed: Kathryn Joseph
Director: Josh Armstrong
Set Design: James Johnson
Body Architect: Markéta Kratochvílová
Lighting Design: Nich Smith

Commissioned and produced by Cryptic and developed with support from Paisley Arts Centre & Tramway