Radiance:Glasgow Festival of Light 05
Universal Light
Glasgow Central Mosque & St Andrews Metropolitain Cathedral

A temporary lighting installation for Glasgow’s inaugural festival of light.
“Universal Light” introduced two significant centres of worship to the Glasgow nightscape and evoked a sense of unity and communication between the two.

At the most basic level, Glasgow Central Mosque and St Andrew’s Metropolitan Cathedral were lit in a simple floodlighting style, drawing attention to the buildings and placing them in the visual frame of existing lighting installations near the River Clyde.  At a secondary level, points of light signalled between the two buildings across the river, engaging the buildings in a call and response dialogue, and initiating a series of synchronised colour changes in the lighting at both sites.

Designed in collaboration with nva organisation.          

Lit archways at the Central Mosque designed by <Slight>. Remote independently powered and controlled LED beacons developed by visual elements, David Bryant, and nva organisation.