Radiance:Glasgow Festival of Light 05
Ramshorn Gardens
Strathclyde University
The inaugural Radiance: Glasgow Festival of Light took place in late November 2005.  Temporary lighting installations transformed the Merchant City quarter of Glasgow in to a glowing trail of light works and live events.  Attendance of the festival was estimated at 60,000 people.
The Ramshorn Gardens were enhanced with a contemplative trail of light. Selected trees and features were highlighted to draw the visitor through the gardens.  Light levels were kept intentionally low to retain atmosphere and encourage a sense of tranquillity and enquiry. Pale, bleak colours and interactive shadow play encircled the inner walls of the cemetery, in contrast to the rich, warm colours and flickering candlelight within the centre area of the gardens known as “Paradise”.

The effect was at once intriguing, contemplative, and vaguely disturbing!

The entire installation was lit with equipment from the nva organisation Environmental Lighting Kit (ELK), a low-energy battery powered lighting system.